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To the Creditors of Blueline Solar Pty Ltd (In Liquidation)

Please note that Blair Pleash and David Ingram of Hall Chadwick have been appointed Liquidators of the above Company on 7 March 2016.

The Company is now in Liquidation and has ceased trading. As such, it will be unable to undertake any work rectifying any issues you may have with your solar system nor service any warranty claims for their products. Similarly, the Company will be unable to reimburse any amounts creditors have already paid in regards to the rectification of defects of their solar products, falling into the warranty period or otherwise. 

However, creditors may be able to approach the manufacturer of their solar products directly in regards to warranty claims. In this regard, please find attached a warranty information sheet provided to this office by the Company’s Director. Please note that this information sheet has been issued by a third party and as such the Liquidators cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information included in this document.

Creditors are encouraged to submit a Form 535 – Formal Proof of Debt, as attached to the Report to Creditors issued by this office on 11 March 2016, to lodge their claim in this Liquidation. In this regard, would creditors please complete this form with the details of their claim and return it to this office, including supporting documentation (e.g. invoices), by one of the following:

  • By return email: sawiszus@hallchadwick.com.au;
  • By facsimile:    (07) 3211 1249; or
  • By post:           GPO Box 389, Brisbane QLD 4001.

Please note that the distribution of a dividend to any class of creditor is dependent on the recoveries made during the course of the Liquidation. At this stage, it is unlikely that creditors will receive a dividend. Should this position change, creditors will be notified accordingly. If you require any further information or require a copy of the Report to Creditors dated 11 March 2016, please contact Stefanie Awiszus of Hall Chadwick on (07) 3212 2559 or sawiszus@hallchadwick.com.au

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