Recent Insolvency Reforms & Regulatory Trends | Seminar Paper

Blair Pleash and Kathleen Vouris recently delivered a presentation on recent insolvency reforms and regulatory trends to Cashflow Finance.

Topics addressed included:
  • corporate insolvency reform including trading trusts and phoenix activity
  • personal insolvency law reform
  • Significant ATO reform in the insolvency space noting the ATO is also at the forefront of anti-phoenix regulation;
  • Insolvency Statistics for the financial year ended 30 June 2018; and
  • Potential regulatory implications for the non-bank financial sector arising out of the ongoing banking Royal Commission.

  • The seminar paper and presentation slides are now available here:
  • Hall Chadwick Recent Insolvency Reforms Cashflow Slides
  • Hall Chadwick Recent Insolvency Reforms Cashflow Seminar Paper