Business Services

Why Hall Chadwick

At Hall Chadwick, our aim is to facilitate the achievement of your objectives through our range of services, which are carefully designed to add value to your business and result in the creation of corporate and personal wealth. To help you reach your goals, we get to know your business intimately, together with the environment in which it operates. Our partnering approach and commitment to client service will ensure that timely and effective advice is provided and the most productive outcomes for your business are achieved. With expertise in all areas of business, Hall Chadwick can provide the advice you need to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment.

Our Specialty Areas

Hall Chadwick’s Business Advisory Services extends well beyond traditional accounting activities. Working closely with you, our advisers can identify issues requiring attention and implement strategies designed to increase profitability, minimise taxation, meet statutory requirements, and ultimately add value through the interpretation and analysis of key data. Areas our Business Advisory team provides advice include:

Accounting Services

  • Financial reporting – all types of entities
  • Budgeting & Cash flow management
  • Monitoring of business performance
  • Asset & investment management
  • Statutory records maintenance
  • Taxation Services

  • Income tax planning
  • Advice on taxation disputes & managing ATO audits
  • Advice on all Federal and State taxes including FBT, CGT, Payroll tax, stamp duty etc.
  • Preparing taxation returns for all entities
  • Corporate and Personal Finance

  • Accessing sources of finance for businesses and individuals through our network of lenders
  • Assessing debt and equity restructuring proposals
  • Advice on re-financing options
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Disposals

  • Advice on corporate restructuring
  • Due diligence on target entities
  • Valuation of businesses
  • Consideration of tax and legal implications
  • Business Planning

  • Facilitating the preparation and implementation of business and strategic plans
  • Analysing of profit and cash flow forecasts
  • Appraising capital expenditure
  • Succession planning for Management
  • Developing organisational structures
  • Conducting management audits
  • Implementing cost systems
  • Implementing management information systems
  • Conducting profit improvement programs
  • Analysing and interpreting key financial data
  • Offering company secretarial services
  • Further Audit & Assurance Information

    For further information about our audit and corporate advisory services, please contact:

  • NSW David Kenney on 02 9263 2600
  • NSW Bill Petrovski on 02 9263 2600
  • VIC John Christopoulos on 03 9820 6400
  • VIC Robert Lissauer on 03 9820 6400
  • VIC David Lissauer on 03 9820 6400
  • VIC Craig De Vries on 03 9820 6400