Foreign Corporations & Expatriates

International Tax

Globalisation has seen even small organisations operating across diverse international jurisdictions. Meeting your tax and legal obligations right in one country is hard enough, let alone internationally. Hall Chadwick assists many large and small organisations in many different industries throughout the world. We currently assist over 70 multinational companies. Our expertise includes all aspects of international tax, including transfer pricing, high level CFC and FIF issues, double tax agreements, foreign hybrid structures, transactional M&A and cross-border transactions, and the global mobility of expatriates.

Business Fraud

For both expatriates themselves and their respective businesses, there are significant tax laws and commercial issues that need to be considered and acted on before any moves are made, in both home and host countries. Failure to do so could result in increased tax costs for the expatriate due to double taxation, as well as increased assignment costs for the business. We advise both the expatriate and the business, whether a secondment to a foreign jurisdiction or into Australia. Our extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of expatriate tax, including residency issues, double tax agreements, tax equalisations, fringe benefits planning issues, employee share and option plans, and superannuation, enable us to develop effective planning strategies that help minimise both tax and legal obligations and hence, tax costs for both the expatriate and the business.

Further Foreign Corporations & Expatriates Information

For further information about international tax and our expatriates services, please contact:

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