Fraud & Forensics

Why Hall Chadwick

Hall Chadwick’s Forensic Accounting Services conduct detailed and complex fraud and other “white collar” investigations. Our experienced staff can respond immediately they are required to conduct such an investigation. We conduct our investigations discreetly and thoroughly ensuring the correct evidence is obtained and the correct conclusions are reached.

Our services extend well beyond traditional fraud examination. To provide the most effective service, our professional staff have significant experience in all aspects of forensic accounting including extensive experience working with law enforcement agencies.

We understand the complexity of forensic accounting and we have a proven ability to provide such complex matters in clear and understandable formats. It is essential that these difficult matters are made as simple as possible for Court purposes. Our Forensic Accounting staff have given expert evidence in complex fraud matters to Court on numerous occasions.

Ignoring fraud can result in significant losses to your business and sometimes even the loss of your business. At Hall Chadwick, we can determine the losses you have suffered, provide expert forensic accounting services and work with law enforcement agencies to successfully prosecute the offenders.

To reduce the likelihood of fraud occurring, we provide a detailed fraud risk analysis service. This analysis involves a comprehensive review of internal controls, determining areas of weakness, and the preparation of a fraud control program.

Business Fraud

  • Detailed fraud risk analysis
  • Fraud investigations & litigation
  • Employee theft & misappropriation investigations
  • Management theft & misappropriation investigations
  • Identify & investigate "kickbacks", secret commissions and price fixing
  • Identify & investigate ghost employees, suppliers or contractors
  • Identify & investigate purchases made by employees or management for personal use
  • Identify & investigate payments of false invoices
  • Preparation of flow charts, graphs, event chronology, etc.
  • Liaise with law enforcement and other relevant government authorities
  • Asset tracing & recovery
  • Reconstruction of financial records
  • Provide expert evidence in Court
  • Arson & Insurance Fraud

  • Financial motives for arson investigations
  • Calculation of profits made from false insurance claims
  • Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Examine & analyse financial records required for criminal investigations
  • Provide detailed Statements of Witness or Affidavits for Court purposes
  • Provide expert evidence in Court
  • Training

  • Provide basic to advanced fraud awareness and prevention training programs for all levels ofemployees and management
  • Criminal Defence

  • Review & analysis of evidence prepared by law enforcement and other regulatory bodies
  • Further Fraud & Forensic Information

    For further information about any of our fraud and forensic services, please contact your local Hall Chadwick partner.

  • NSW David Watt on 02 9263 2600
  • VIC Mark Bailey on 03 9820 6400
  • VIC Mark Lipson on 03 9820 6400